Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - February 25, 2010

Hey Everybody,

It seems like yesterday that we had our Grand Opening service. That day was the beginning of an adventure I’m so glad to have taken. That was our first official Friend Day, and we’ve been celebrating Friend Day twice a year now for 18 years. That means Sunday is our 37th Friend Day.

Our church was birthed on that first Friend Day, and Glen and Bonnie Nicholls came with their kids to give church a try. They had never been part of a church before, but the flyer we mailed into their home drew them to give it a try. They kept attending, became Followers of Jesus, were baptized and became active members. They have since moved to Nevada, but two of their kids still attend and serve here.

Patrick and Lyndsey were just kids when they first came with their parents. We’ve watched them mature and grow in love with God and His church over these 18 years. Lyndsey is no longer a Nicholls, but now is a Barrett, and is also one of our key music leaders and soloists. She also serves on our graphics team, keeping our Twin Cities brand fresh. Patrick is now married to April and is one of our key staff team leaders. He serves as our IT Director, directs dramas, and is a Small Group Leader.

Folks, that is what Friend Day can do. It can change a life, direct a destiny, and secure a future in heaven for the person who came through an invitation. We sent flyers out to all your friends in the community last week for our new series. Please pray and then invite someone to come with you this Sunday. You never know if this is the week another life will be turned around.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Ron

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