Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - October 29, 2009

Hey Gang,

Sunday is Friend Day at Twin Cities Church. Each year we offer several opportunities that are designed specifically with your friends in mind. The really cool thing is that you know each week is top notch. So, it’s not like we’re going to be different than you know, it’s just a great opportunity to invite the friends and family members you’ve been investing time in so they can come experience your church with you.

We’ll begin our new series, Vantage Point, on this day. As is my pattern, I believe this is going to be “the best series we’ve ever had!” I truly believe that about each series and each week for that matter. We put our best into them because we know that what we do has such eternal implications. This series will focus on prayer and how we can look to God for perspective. He does have a great vantage point, and He’s made Himself available to us through prayer so that we can begin to see the things of life from His viewpoint. I believe you’ll find this series to be very hope-filled.

Thank you again for your eager participation in all the practical exercises during 40 Days of Love. I hope you’ll be there on Sunday to hear some of the results of our love immersion. Let‘s not let our emphasis on loving stop, but let’s keep on loving. I want to suggest that you watch the service from last week online if you were out of town. God really solidified all we’ve learned together.

Make sure to introduce me to your friends on Sunday.

Pastor Ron

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