Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - October 15, 2009

Hey Gang,

We’re racing toward the home stretch with 40 Days of Love. I am so moved at how you want to become more loving people. During the past four weeks we’ve talked about treating people with the same compassion Jesus modeled for us; how we can build others up through the words we use; how to be considerate of the needs of others as we attempt to understand them; and how to deal with our anger in a healthy way. This Sunday we’ll focus on how love lasts – both the desire to love and the impact of love.

Last week, I gave out incorrect information on the number of Uganda Christmas Child boxes that went into the crate to begin the journey to our friends in Uganda. The number is – 1706. Wow! I am so touched by your generosity in what is the worst economic time many of us have ever faced. Thank you.

Even though next week is our “Limit Consumption Challenge,” many people who have Fall Break plans did theirs this week. One dad told me that his little guy asked to sleep in a cardboard box as a way to identify with those who have nothing. What a guy. Our family got to practice being without electricity on Tuesday when our power went out for five hours. I look forward to hearing the stories that come back as we limit our consumption during this next week.
Our dream is that as we limit our consumption our hearts will be enlarged. At the end of the week, we’ll bring what we saved by not eating as we normally do, by drinking tap water, and by curtailing our usage of our modern conveniences, in order to bless those who live that way all the time.

Pastor Ron

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