Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - September 24, 2009

Hey Gang,

The “love” ripples are being felt everywhere I go. Thank you so much for your support and participation in this opportunity to grow in love. Please send me your stories of how this spiritual growth emphasis is impacting you, your family and your Small Group. We had our staff Brown Bag Lunch on Wednesday, and the consensus was that, apart from the specific acts of love we’re engaging in, the huge impact has been the heightened awareness of the people around us – all who need love. I received this email on Sunday afternoon:

“Today at Church I prayed that I would see the world through the eyes of Jesus so I could see who needed to be loved. In the early afternoon I left to do some shopping and then it happened. As I turned the corner I saw an elderly man struggling across the street with his small shopping cart on wheels, (would have never noticed him any other day). Then I saw a homeless teenager with his dog sitting on the curb with a sign asking for money. Finally, I pulled into the parking lot and saw a man asking for help. By this time, my heart was breaking. I gave the man some money, but the thought going through my head was how it must break the heart of Jesus to see all this need and all His people who could help but don’t. I know there is something that I am being led to do, don’t know what it is exactly, but seeing through holy eyes sure is opening mine. I lead a Small Group on Tuesdays, we will talk about this experience and how we all might make a habit of seeing the world the way Jesus does. Thanks for leading this encounter - it will make a difference in lives and in our church.”

This week we continue our 40 Days of Love series with, “Love Is Encouraging.” Hope to see you there.

Pastor Ron

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  1. What a great email excerpt about seeing things through holy eyes. I enjoyed the message and pray that I too can see things through God's eyes and act on what I see. This 40 Days program you have is reaching people who are not necessarily member of TCC. I am a memeber of CCC (Cordova Church of Christ) in Rancho Cordova and Cousin to Daryl Haines. He posted this link on facebook and I clicked on it and have been blessed. Thank you Daryl, thank you TCC and thank you Jesus!