Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - September 10, 2009

Hey Gang,

We were made to love and be loved, and Jesus showed us both. He showed us how much we are loved as He gave Himself away for us. He showed us how we are to love by the things He taught, but more than that by how He lived. We were also made to show love to the world. 40 Days of Love will help us learn and experience both His love for us, the love He wants us to experience with each other and the love He has for the world.

As we focus on love, I want to share this email I received a few weeks ago from one of our faithful attenders. Here’s a short piece of that email:

“On a recent Sunday morning a car broke down at the front of the entrance to our church. When I stopped to see how I could help, I saw that it was a couple, and one of the first things the woman said was "We're getting run over by church people"... We assessed the situation and decided it would be best to push the car up the road. I thought surely at this point someone would stop and jump in to help push, but no. There were cars coming into TCC from both directions during the few minutes this took place, and I was surprised and disappointed at the lack of response. I guess I just expected more. I know a lot of the people coming in were families or older but what an opportunity to teach our kids. I remember as a kid many times we'd be driving along and all of a sudden we're pulling over - someone needed some help so we were stopping to help.”
I am sure you will agree that within each of us is the ability to over-look those who need help. I am praying that this series will help us become more aware and willing to share because we want to be a church full of people who Love God, Love Each Other and Love the World.

Pastor Ron

Sunday, September 13: Attend Sunday Services - Join A Small Group - Pick Up Your Study Guide - Get Your Uganda Christmas Box

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